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The Academic and Athletic Alliance believes that participation in sports is critical to the mental health, 

physical development, and academic success of our youth.  The recreational needs of our community are best served by a comprehensive approach that reaches the beginner to the expert coupled with quality programming to hold the attention of our youth in an inclusive, fun, and caring environment. 

As an organization, it is our priority to lead the effort to help youth who are living in underserved communities where opportunities to engage in organized sports and recreational pursuits are often unavailable to low-income families.

Young people should have safe and affordable spaces to participate in athletic endeavors.  By establishing quality standards and procedures, we recognize that the lessons of sports "good or bad"  contribute to our youth being able to compete successfully in life and in the workplace.  Our program spaces are managed by properly trained, coaches, trainers, volunteers, and adults. Thereby reducing the number of injuries and lessening the risk of accidents which often discourages youth from being active.


​Our team of experienced professionals is on call to respond to a wide range of topics that include academic guidance, educational and professional sports opportunities, diet and nutrition, goal-setting, mental health,  athletic recruiting, sport-specific skill development as well as healthy lifestyles.   

Be The Best 

Peace of a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you made the effort to become the best that you are capable of becoming.

Our Mission

Our Mission

    To offer a series of academic and athletic experiences that will enable our youth to improve their physical, social, and mental development through various kinds of activities that teach better use of leisure time and encourage higher education.

"A Win- Win Combination"

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